Victoria University Talent Solutions

Victoria University’s Talent Solutions is a suite of programs developed in consultation with the Outdoor Industry to underpin your career in the outdoors.
We have recently completed the delivery for this period. Stay tuned for future opportunities.

The VU Talent Solutions programs focus on enhancing technical skills and further developing professional competencies to support you throughout your career lifecycle.

VU Talent Solutions programs include:

  • Career Accelerate – Technical skill extension
  • Future Leaders – Transition from operations to management
  • Executive Boost – Underpinning competency development and/or Progression planning

Career Accelerate Program

The Career Accelerate program supports your early and middle level operational career to enhance your foundation technical skills and professional competencies. This will allow you too confidently progress your early careers both in the field and as a developing professionals in the Outdoor Industry.

Future Leaders Program

The Future Leaders program underpins your transition from middle and senior level operational career to management roles enhancing your recognition as a future leader. The program will further augment your professional competencies to include broader organisational focussed capabilities.

Executive Boost Program

The Executive Boost program supports the realisation of your potential as a senior manager. Empowered by key knowledge to allow your organisation to flex and adapt as business conditions and wider financial and social environment changes it will allow you to guide a path to a resilient and sustainable future.