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About Outdoor Education

Outdoor education provides educational experiences that take place in natural environments, such as parks, forests, beaches, and camping grounds.

The main goal of outdoor education is to provide students with hands-on learning opportunities in a unique setting, away from traditional classrooms. Outdoor education can take many forms, including camping trips, hiking expeditions, environmental studies, and outdoor adventure activities. By participating in outdoor education, students are able to develop their problem-solving and teamwork skills, as well as gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the natural world. Additionally, outdoor education can help to improve physical health, mental well-being, and overall confidence. Overall, outdoor education is a valuable and enriching experience that can have a positive impact on students’ mental health, personal and academic growth.

Research and Evaluation

If you are involved or would like to be involved in providing outdoor experiences, including outdoor education, outdoor recreation, outdoor nature-based tourism, outdoor adventure or adventure and nature-based therapy, then we need to hear from you.

Victoria University is undertaking a study into workforce development of the outdoor industry on behalf of the Outdoor Education Innovation Hub. 

The purpose of the project is to address skills shortages and determine the needs, preferences and priorities of current and potential employees. In particular, the research aims to strengthen career pathways and conditions in the sector, and reform and revise training and professional development structures in the outdoor industry.

 All information you provide will remain anonymous and confidential.

Any questions or expressions of interest to partake in an interview can be directed to:

Lead Chief Investigator: 
Research Fellow:

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In Victoria alone, the outdoor education sector has a

$347 Million Dollar Annual Turnover


Contributes $134 Million to regional ecomonies

There are currently

240 Employers in Victoria and 5245 Jobs.

This impacts

2 Million Participants.


"I believe our visitors can really feel they are in a special place when they visit us. I certainly feel it each time I arrive at the camp. We’re lucky to be able to operate on this precious land and provide opportunities for young people to truly engage with Indigenous history in a place so rich with story and natural beauty.
When I see our visiting students connect with the land, it feels incredible to be able to share that with them.”

Belinda, Camp Manager OEG

“I have learnt to appreciate the small things in life and that cold fingers in the morning are nothing compared to the snowy river. Such an amazing experience that showed a much bigger picture to life.”

Year 9 student