Level 1

This course applies skills and knowledge required to paddle a canoe as part of a group on inland flatwater areas such as lakes, dams and slow-moving rivers and according to planned courses. It requires the ability to self-rescue from a capsize and to rescue others in deep water.  The course provides skills to paddle on bodies of water in less than moderate wind conditions, where the current flow is consistently recorded as less than one knot.  It applies to leaders, guides or instructors, who use these skills when leading participants during canoeing activities. Leadership skills are provided in complementary courses. The course can also apply to assistants and support staff.  With respect to the lead course participants will develop skills to lead and supervise dependent participants during canoeing activities on flatwater areas according to predetermined activity plans which might be self-developed or developed by others. It covers the skills required to adjust activities according to prevailing conditions and participant capabilities.  It requires the ability to demonstrate and instruct canoeing techniques applicable to flatwater conditions. To do this, leaders must be proficient in canoeing skills which are covered by other courses.  

4 Day course + Blended Tasks and Assessment

  • SISOCNE002 Paddle a canoe on inland flatwater
  • SISOCNE005 Lead canoeing activities on inland flatwater