Cycling Touring, Off Road Easy Trails

Level 1

This course describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to select, set up and maintain bikes used for recreational cycling activities.

It requires the ability to set up bikes to meet the requirements of pre-planned cycling activities and terrain, as well as for participant characteristics. It covers the ability to maintain and repair bike system components. Repairs can be completed both at base and in the field during activities.  This course provides the skills to cycle off road on easy trails defined as trails that are likely to be a combination of fire road and wide single tracks with a gentle gradient, smooth surface and relatively free of unavoidable obstacles. The trail surface is mostly firm and stable but may have obstacles such as small logs, roots and rocks, and some areas of loose surface. Climbs and descents are mostly shallow but may include some moderately steep sections.  It applies to leaders, guides or instructors, who use these skills when leading participants during cycling activities.  It enables skills and knowledge required to lead and supervise dependent participants during off road cycling activities on easy trails according to predetermined activity plans which might be self-developed or developed by others. It covers the skills required to adjust activities according to prevailing conditions and participant capabilities.  It requires the ability to demonstrate and instruct off road cycling techniques. To do this, leaders must be proficient in off road cycling skills.  It applies to leaders who work independently using discretion and judgement to manage operational logistics and risk within predetermined guidelines.  When working at or close to base and assistance, they manage routine problems in consultation with relevant personnel. Where assistance is not immediately available, leaders use additional skills, covered by other courses, to manage significant problems, e.g. rescues, injury or illness in remote locations. 

4 Day course + Blended Tasks and Assessment

  • SISOCYT001 Set up, maintain and repair bicycles
  • SISOCYT004 Ride off road bicycles on easy trails
  • SISOCYT008 Lead off road cycling activities on easy trails