Rafting Level 2

Lead Grade 2 and Guide Grade 3

This course enables participants to demonstrate the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to lead and supervise dependent participants during rafting activities on grade 2 rivers according to predetermined activity plans which might be self-developed or developed by others. It covers the skills required to adjust activities according to prevailing conditions and participant capabilities.  It requires the ability to demonstrate and instruct rafting techniques applicable to grade 2 rivers. To do this, leaders must be proficient in rafting skills.  Participants will also show ability control a raft as a leader, with participants on board, on rivers with grade 3 rapids, and according to planned and scouted courses. It requires the ability to implement rescue processes for ejected swimmers and self, and to manage capsize responses. Grade 3 refers to the International River Grading System which provides a broad indication of a river’s rapid features, and the degree of difficulty in negotiating these. This unit provides skills to raft on rivers with rapids which have fairly high waves, one to two metres tall, broken water, and strong currents and eddies. These rivers have significant obstacles including large holes, exposed rocks and small falls that require manoeuvring around using proficient paddling. Passages through rapids may be difficult to recognise from the river and inspection from the bank is usually required. Successful completion would qualify you as a Grade 2 Trip Leader and a Grade 3 Guide.  Level 1 Rafting is a prerequisite for this course.